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Andrew & Claire at VIP

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Very Important Paws’ aims are simple:

  • To run an honest, caring, ethical business by building and fostering long term relationships with our customers and their much loved pets.
  • To provide a stress-free, loving alternative to boarding kennels and catteries.
  • To tend to our pets’ emotional and psychological needs while their owners are away, not just their basic need to be fed and watered.
  • To offer safe, reliable and flexible dog walking services.

All of our services are founded on trust, reliability and utmost respect for your pets and your home. Our fully enhanced CRB police checks and comprehensive insurance give you peace of mind while our dog boarding licence assures you of our high standards, year on year.

The VIP Team

RaniVery Important Paws is owned and run by myself, Andrew and partner, Claire. We share our home with three great kids and two of our own VIPs: an energetic, cross Staffy rescue dog, Rani and a cool and, let’s be honest, a pretty grumpy cat, Rosie.

Kath assists us at weekends and during the busy school holidays when your VIPs need our pet sitting and dog walking services most.

RosieWe set up VIP because we regularly needed a helping hand looking after Rani but after lots of searching, couldn’t find a reliable alternative to using close family and friends popping home to let her out. The day we came home to find Claire’s mum with scraped knees after Rani had gotten so excited she’d pulled her over, we knew we needed to find a good dog walker! We searched and searched but couldn’t find what we were looking for: a professional, reliable and trustworthy dog walking service where Rani got 100% of their time and attention.

We came up with our ‘Paws at Home’ petsitting services for those pets that would be happiest staying at home while their owners are away. We’ve never had anything against traditional boarding kennels or catteries – they were simply never an option for our pets and we knew that many of our friends felt the same. We felt guilty relying on friends and family as it’s a huge responsibility looking after someone else’s pets and although Rani and Rosie are great, deep down we felt guilty as we knew it was a chore.

Andrew out dog walkingOur newest service – a very exclusive home-from-home dog boarding service was set up in 2010 after lots of you came to us for one on one home boarding. We know that some of you still prefer to board your dogs although don’t like the idea of them being left alone for long periods or left with three or four unfamiliar dogs. After a year of searching we are excited to offer you a new kind of home boarding.

The manner in which we run our business is extremely important to us at VIP. If we can’t help you, we’ll do our best to find someone who can. As well as being very confident and experienced at what we do, we are genuine and honest people who want the best care arrangements for you and your pets and if that means going elsewhere, we’ll happily guide you in the right direction, toward those that we know and trust.

Paws Before Profit!VIPs ‘Paws Before Profit Pledge’ is our commitment to you that we will:

  • Always measure success on customer satisfaction and recommendations rather than profit.

  • Do what is right and good to benefit our customers and their pets.

  • Never exploit our customers financially – our pricing structure is fully transparent which means no hidden costs for registration fees, excessive mileage fees or even cuddles (yes, some do charge for extra cuddles)

  • Never pack walk dogs to increase revenue or compromise on the amount of time, love and attention we devote to your pets.